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Author Topic: MBXML  (Read 342 times)
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« on: May 10, 2019, 01:08:48 PM »

I have to develop a custom Vb.Net dispatcher connected to a control station using a USB cable.
So I started developing the Presence Notifier service and now I correctly receive (port 4005) ARS registrations/deregistrations from remote radios.
Now I have to develop the Location service (port 4001) and then I read the "Motorola Binary XML Encoding Specification" and "Location Request and Response Protocol Specification" documents.

But I don't understand how to implement the MBXML protocol in my application...it's all very confusing.

When I get the data from the radio ... am I sure to find the whole mbxml document in the radio's UDP buffer or could it be split into multiple buffers?
Could it happen that in the same udp radio buffer there are more concatenated mbxml documents?

Should I define a list of variables / structures that reproduce the structure of the XML and deserialize the data received in my structures?
Or do I have to cycle, one by one, over all the bytes received looking for the token elements (see code below)?

       'Get data from port 4001
        Dim buffer() As Byte = UDPLocation.EndReceive(ar, EndPoint)

        Dim Message As String
        While buffer.Length > 0
            'Document Identifier
            Select Case buffer(0)
                Case &H07
                    'Immediate Location Report
                    Message = "Immediate Location Report"
            End Select
            'Length in Byte 1
            Dim l As Integer = CInt(buffer(1)) + 2
            'New array with entire mbxml document
            Dim Data(l - 1) As Byte
            Array.Copy(buffer, 0, Data, 0, l)
            'Delete from buffer mbxml document
            Array.Copy(buffer, l, buffer, 0, buffer.Length - l)
            ReDim Preserve buffer(buffer.Length - l - 1)
            'cursor to cycle inside the byte array Data
            Dim i As Integer = 2
            'Cycle until the array is empty
            While i < UBound(Data)
                'looking for token
                Select Case Data(i)
                    Case &H22
                        'request-id token: length in the next byte
                        l = CInt(Data(i + 1))
                        Message &= " - request-id: " & CInt("&H" & BitConverter.ToString(Data, i + 2, l).Replace("-", "")).ToString
                        i = i + 2 + l

                    Case Else
                        'Error; invalid token
                        Message = "ERRORE: BYTE " & i.ToString & " del pacchetto " & BitConverter.ToString(Data, 0, Data.Length) & " invalid token"
                        Exit While
                End Select
            End While
            'Print the results
            If Not Message Is Nothing Then RaiseEvent ShowMessage(Format(Date.Now, "dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss") & " - " & EndPoint.Address.ToString & " - " & Message)
        End While

Thank you in advance
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