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Author Topic: Mototrbo Newbie. DP4800 Programming  (Read 224 times)
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« on: June 26, 2019, 12:29:18 PM »

I'm completely new to the world of Mototrbo, so any advice is welcomed.
I bought a pair of DP4800's and CPS V16 to have a play around with. I also have purchased an OFCOM Business Radio Simple UK Licence.

I've been playing around with CPS and have programmed the radios using youtube videos as a guide and have them both working and able to talk to each other.
I have also seen about different recommendations for setting up channels, groups & contacts and wondered what the best way of doing this is.
Currently I have set up:
- Group 1
- Group 2
RX Group Lists (Digital):
- List 1
- List 2
Zone 1 - 7x Digital 1 (1 for each UHF Frequency on repeater/time slot 1) Group 1 / List 1
Zone 2 - 7x Digital 2 (1 for each UHF Frequency on repeater/time slot 2) Group 2 / List 2
Zone 3 - 7x Analogue (1 for each UHF Frequency)

Others have suggested having a different Group/List for each frequency. ie. Group 1 / List 1 / Frequency 1 // Group 2 / List 2 / Frequency 2...
What does anyone else recommend ?

Many thanks

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« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2019, 07:41:18 PM »

Yep sounds about right. What we do is to put customers who are on uk simple, on repeating channels - (when it was 3 uhf allocations), we'd plonk ch1 on freq 1, ch 2 on freq 2, ch 3 on freq 3, then change the colour code and repeat again: ch 4 on freq 1, ch 5 on freq 2, ch 6 on freq 3 etc etc.

Means if theres an issue with interference, people on ch1 usually say 'go to channel 2' and voila its on a different freq. Or, most people only use 2 or 3 max channels, so they all wont interfere with each other, being on differnet freqs.

Now its a few more uhf freqs, we just do the same but with them now.

I keep the same group code throughout, makes it simpler, and put on ras and encryption as well. Basic privacy doesn't affect voice quality and keeps the simple scanner people out. You don't need RAS on, unless using a repeater.

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